Terms and conditions

Cancellation of courses .. 

If you do not attend or cancel your booked course without at least 21 days notice, you will still be liable to pay the full course fee and will forfeit your right to attend a future course date. The Hair Extension School reserves the right to change or cancel a course date, the course venue or the trainers at any given time without prior notice. In the event of a course cancellation, The Hair Extension School will offer a course date transfer, but no compensation for any costs incurred.

All cancellation and transfer requests must be sent in writing to info@thehaorextensionschool.co.uk

Cancellations due to COVID-19 are subject to the same terms as above. However, if The Hair Extension School are required to cancel a training date or location due to COVID-19 restrictions or regulations, you will be offered a course transfer to another location and date, or book the same location at a different date. The Hair Extension School reserve the right to cancel any courses without any prior notice. Refunds will not be issued as all training courses will be offered at an alternative date.

Courses are non refundable. Courses are non transferable If the notice given exceeds the 21 day period. 


Upon completion of the training course, all students will receive free support from The Hair Extension, for up to 5 months after the course date. Full details will be provided to you on the training day or in your manuals. After this point we offer Masterclass

Training options for those who do not feel confident. However, you will need to ensure you book this with us in advance to ensure availability. 

Student insurance and liability

You will be given information on the training day as well as in your training manual regarding obtaining the correct insurance for your business. The Hair Extension School    does not accept responsibility for any students who fail to obtain public liability insurance during or after completion of their course.

The Hair Extension School will not accept any liability for incorrect fitting or injury to clients resulting from students following instructions given on our training courses, nor will they accept responsibility for any poor work completed by students. If you are not feeling completely confident to practice on live models by the end of your training course, please ensure you let one of the trainers know so we can assist further.